Monday, October 6, 2008

Zoe Hull // Fort Wayne, IN

This was the start of my photography career as a freelance person. I have been taking photographs since 1997 for school, bands friends etc but I figure if Im going to be good at this then I should jump in with both feet. I approached Lance, whom I used to work with and told him that I was doing some work as a photographer and that I knew him and his wife just had a baby and Id be stoked to come by and photograph the baby for nothing more than a handshake and some word of mouth kinda business. I dont know if doing a new born shoot right off the bat was really my flavor. I wasnt really ready given the lighting and Zoe was really sleepy so working around that wasnt too bad. I guess looking back Im glad I did it and Im here to say "IM HERE!" Zoe Feet Zoe Lance and Zoe