Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jessica + Travis // Fort Wayne, IN.

Let me just say, if it hasn't already been mentioned here but engagement sessions are becoming some of my favorite type of sessions. I have so much fun with my clients and these two are no exception. Ive known Travis since 1999. Him and I spent a lot of time talking about music and like interests. Him and I have played music together and isnt a stretch to say that when we do see each other its always a good time. Now, lets move on to Jessica. I met her while photographing a wedding for mutual friends. She had such a bubbly personality and offered to help assist me which I should've gone for because...well lets just say Travis isn't the best at holding a light stand! I will also mention this, Jessica has some amazing drive and anyone who knows her will tell you that. Hard work is no stranger when it comes to this girls life. Shes is also easily impressed with my wardrobe!! :) but really all jokes aside these two are an awesome fit and I was stoked to know they wanted to book me to do their engagement and wedding which is actually less than a month away and should be my next entry on the site.

A few months ago Jessica, Travis and myself went out scouting locations. Ive been wanting to use the South Calhoun Street area of Fort Wayne. My main reason for doing so is because that area was once like an epicenter of Fort Wayne according to historical photographs and books in the last 1800s up through the mid 1950s and on. Most everything has moved in its various locations but I feel its a hidden gem in some regards. The architecture has a lot of soul shall we say, and one stroll down that way will prove that. Recently in the last 5-6 years some people have really revamped what that part of the city was with popular businesses like Neat Neat Neat record store and Calhoun Street Soups, Salads, and Spirits, not to mention some businesses that have been there since before I was born. I couldn't be more happy with this session and I look forward to the next chapter with Jessica and Travis. Thank you for looking and enjoy.

J+T // Fort Wayne J+T // Fort Wayne J+T // Fort Wayne J+T // Fort Wayne J+T // Fort Wayne J+T // Fort Wayne J+T // Fort Wayne J+T // Fort Wayne

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Crystal + Sean + Madison // Fort Wayne, IN

I was contacted by a co-worker in regards to if I do wedding photography. A little back story on this, I recently have a new job as a photographer for a local interior design company called Choice Designs Inc but please don't let that take away from this session because it was a lot of fun. Crystal and I met up and discussed doing a small wedding session and then as the ideas started to flow we got a little deeper into doing an engagement session just as well. Crystal than asked me if they could bring Sean's daughter along to be in a couple of shots, not a problem...lets get this going!

We chose to meet up at Foster Park in Fort Wayne which is set on the south end at the end of a very historical neighborhood close by which strolling down that way will definitely show you what Fort Wayne had to offer in the 1930s - 1940s architecturally and its grand to stay the least. I also found out that Foster Park was a family favorite and to add to that the quilt used in this session has a lot of family significance as well, so not only did I feel like the elements incorporated brought family together but it was an engagement session and a family session in one. I can say that was a first for me but Im super excited about it and let me tell you Madison stole the show! She was excited and full of fun stories and gives pretty good high fives too! Crystal and Sean have set their wedding date for October 18th 2014 so stay tuned for the images from that up and coming event this fall. Thank you Crystal, Sean and Madison for the good times and I look forward to working with you all again this fall.

Crystal + Sean + Madison // Fort Wayne, IN 2014 Crystal + Sean + Madison // Fort Wayne, IN 2014 Crystal + Sean + Madison // Fort Wayne, IN 2014 Crystal + Sean + Madison // Fort Wayne, IN 2014 Crystal + Sean + Madison // Fort Wayne, IN 2014 Crystal + Sean + Madison // Fort Wayne, IN 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Jennifer + Brad + Family // Fort Wayne, IN

As many of you may remember, I had the chance to photograph a little boy named Powers right as after new years 2012 but hey if you don't remember it's OK...I got you. Powers + Brad + Jennifer which was a rad session. The kid was a natural. By far one of the easiest child sessions I've done. I left that day super excited to get those images up. Fast forward to a more than year ago, Jennifer and Brad were expecting their second child Cadence. Jennifer contacted me asking if Id want to do another session(you bet I would) but timing was all over the place at the time so we held off. Once this session was in the booked, Jennifer and I discussed ideas. She stated she didn't want anything too posed, basically just the family doing what the family would do at the park. Done deal. Lets do this.

Once I met up with them at Franke park in Fort Wayne, I was excited to meet Cadence and to see a grown up version of Powers or Po, whichever you decide to call him. The little guy seemed all grown up with his red wayfarer sunglasses and "kid themed" temporary tattoos. Cadence, what a doll. Both children have amazing blue eyes and they make it so easy to capture images even on the run, just bust out the ginormous zoom lens and go to work. Im really happy with this session and I wish Jennifer and Brad all the best while raising these two adorable children. Although, Im thinking there will be more sessions with these two in my future and I welcome that fully. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.

Jennifer + Brad + Family // JJacobsphotography 2014 Jennifer + Brad + Family // JJacobsphotography 2014 Jennifer + Brad + Family // JJacobsphotography 2014 Jennifer + Brad + Family // JJacobsphotography 2014 Jennifer + Brad + Family // JJacobsphotography 2014 Jennifer + Brad + Family // JJacobsphotography 2014 Jennifer + Brad + Family // JJacobsphotography 2014 Jennifer + Brad + Family // JJacobsphotography 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nick & Carrie & Baylee // MaternitySession. Kokomo, IN

Nick and I have known each other for quite some time. He has assisted me on a wedding a did a few years ago, to basically see how I work and we both happen to shoot Nikon so it was a big plus in my book. He also contacted me to gain some perspective on shooting abandoned buildings and the stance I take on what he would say is "making an old chair look good" Hes a stand up guy for sure. Nick and his wife Carrie are expecting their first child here real soon. He inquired a while ago asking if Id be into shooting their maternity session and I said "absolutely". He told me they didn't want something completely ordinary but that he trusts my body of work and my ideas. This being my first maternity shoot I wanted to give them the best I could but in a small way challenge myself and bring everything together in a soft, delicate way.

Their baby's name will be Baylee, she is due at the end of the June, I told them to shoot for June 19th but we'll see what happens... They were a breeze to work with and I wish both of them the best with everything in welcoming Baylee to the word. Thank you for viewing and enjoy your day.

Nick+Carrie+Baylee Nick+Carrie+Baylee Nick+Carrie+Baylee Nick+Carrie+Baylee Nick+Carrie+Baylee Nick+Carrie+Baylee Nick+Carrie+Baylee Nick+Carrie+Baylee

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Zac & Andrea // Homestead. Fort Wayne, IN

November generally brings to the table the question "What am I thankful for?" One of my answers would clients. This is the third year I have been lucky enough to photograph this couple and their dog Ellie has been in the last two sessions. Our sessions are always a lot of fun, plus it's a rad feeling to pull up to a location and see all the possibilities to make photographs and generally have a good time.

The location Andrea chose was a wooded location on the property of her alma mater, Homestead High School in Fort Wayne. The location provided some awe inspiring fall landscapes, wooded trails and paths. We joked that we needed an axe and more flannel to go with that giant wood pile. Some of these images will also go for their 2013 Christmas cards which I told them that it is always exciting to me as a photographer to see my work in print so send me one! Once again, thank you goes out to my daughter Heaven for the assistance with lugging my equipment and holding the dog leach. I'm thinking that all of this work is just paving the way for a future photographer though right? ...well maybe. Thank you Zac and Andrea and thank YOU for reading.

Zac + Andrea X Homestead Zac + Andrea X Homestead Zac + Andrea X Homestead Zac + Andrea X Homestead Zac + Andrea X Homestead Zac + Andrea X Homestead Zac + Andrea X Homestead

Enjoy your day

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kelsey & Daniel // Fort Wayne, IN

Kelsey is family and I have had a somewhat close relationship with her since she was born. I used to baby sit her when I was in high school, which may be revealing my age a bit but I volunteered to do shoot their wedding knowing what they wanted from a photographer. Memories and photographs have always seems to play a big roll in their family so I wanted to create something beautiful for everyone involved. Daniel seems to be a good fit for Kelsey and I really wish them much happiness in their days to come.

The ceremony location was a church that the family has been familiar with for years. The sanctuary has an awesome array of lights, so from a photographer stand point was much appreciated but also I couldn't help but not try to utilize the wooden ceiling. The reception location was at Southwest Conservation Club Fort Wayne which provided awesome and woodsy outdoor flare. Once I looked over the grounds my head was full of ideas, plus the weather was amazing. It was a bit on the hot side but I was in no way complaining. They brough a lot of their own ideas to the table too, like super hero t-shirts and recreating the 'Bridgesmaids' movie cover. All in all it was a fun wedding to shoot and I'm glad I could give them what they were looking for and make people smile. Too many reasons why I love what I do. Thank you for reading and enjoy.