Sunday, April 15, 2012 it shameless self promotion?

Ive been weighing my options on this matter and the conclusions Ive drawn are that as a working photographer I have to market myself and Im going to have to ask for help somewhere along the way or Im not going to be able to make it. bottom line! Ive barely cut my teeth in the photo industry. Ive booked maybe 45-50 clients in three years. That may sound like a lot to some and I appreciate every one of them. They were all fun in their own right and I set out to up the bar every time I go out and shoot clients so I can stay one step above the rest but with zero marketing I am barely treading water.

In 2009 I focused most of my efforts to photograph abandoned architecture, schools and the like. Basically get in the car and drive to the most rural of locations to see what I could find. This proved itself to be fruitful in most cases. Always loving to educate I was drawn to the abandonment of old one room schools and multi-room schools. I sense started a project that spanned almost 2 years with intend of publishing a book called Brick by Brick. Having shot over 180 abandoned schools in the state of Indiana. I sat down for layout and looking at self publishing and realized I just dont have the financial means to make this work and still provide for my family and live life. I sense started with a site called to help lauch this book.

Brick by Brick, a photographic journey by Jeremy Jacobs

So far only one backer. Im getting there with hope that I can pull this off. I have also started selling prints of mine from the various schools Ive shot over the past two years with the proceeds going to printing and shipping with the remainder going to fund the book. I signed up with which I have sold one print so far.
JJacobsphotography Prints

I have even sense started a proper URL which directly link the viewer to this blog which I use just about as much as any proper website until I can get things up and going with a legit layout, folders and info. This will work for now.

No one ever said it was going to be easy. No one ever said the world would come catering to me but I will hustle and work my rear end off to accomplish and establish myself in this photography world with the tools I have and continue to persevere no matter how small the mark...that mark has been made!

Thank you for reading!