Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dereka & Marve // Lafayette, IN

Dereka and Marve originally contacted me to shoot their wedding in December of this year however they decided best that an engagement session with me would suit their needs a bit better. Dereka is a grad student at Purdue for Meteorology and Marve actually lives in Mississippi. He made an 11 hour drive to surprise Dereka for this session. We were able to shoot the session, edit and I was able to get the finished product to them before Marve had to leave to go back to Mississippi.

This session was a lot of fun. We utilized some of the downtown Lafayette area, which is something I normally like to do; but once I mentioned checking out some of the greater Lafayette alley ways, Marve lit up with excitement! You could feel the chemistry between this couple and it was all jokes. As with most of my sessions, there were a lot of laughs and goofy poses along with a lot of love and overall happiness. I really enjoyed this session and I wish this couple the best of luck in the future.

D&M // Lafayette, IN D&M // Lafayette, IN ...thug poses... D&M // Lafayette, IN D&M // Lafayette, IN D&M // Lafayette, IN D&M // Lafayette, IN D&M // Lafayette, IN D&M // Lafayette, IN

see...silly poses and there was no second shooter here. :) D&M // Lafayette, IN

I want to especially thank Main.St.Mercantile for letting me shoot inside their store and the use their vintage cameras for some shots! Thank you and Enjoy!