Friday, July 9, 2010

Enzo Schmidtberg // Fort Wayne, IN

"Enzo" or Vincenzo is his from name is the child of Devon and Laura whom Ive known for many years. They are rad people with good hearts and truly care about the concept of family. Personally Devon's mother was the Babysitter to my daughter Heaven for many many years. Laura came to me about a session for Enzo's 10 month, she found it odd that she waited that long but for me I was all about it. All the while Devon was off servicing in Iraq. I knew with that these photos will being so much happiness to Devon so I made sure I made these photos shine. The session was pretty awesome. Enzo decided he wanted to take a nap in the middle but that was fine with me. Here is the session. enjoy Enzo S. Enzo S. Enzo S. Enzo S aka Burt Reynolds Enzo S.