Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jessica + Travis // Fort Wayne, IN.

Let me just say, if it hasn't already been mentioned here but engagement sessions are becoming some of my favorite type of sessions. I have so much fun with my clients and these two are no exception. Ive known Travis since 1999. Him and I spent a lot of time talking about music and like interests. Him and I have played music together and isnt a stretch to say that when we do see each other its always a good time. Now, lets move on to Jessica. I met her while photographing a wedding for mutual friends. She had such a bubbly personality and offered to help assist me which I should've gone for because...well lets just say Travis isn't the best at holding a light stand! I will also mention this, Jessica has some amazing drive and anyone who knows her will tell you that. Hard work is no stranger when it comes to this girls life. Shes is also easily impressed with my wardrobe!! :) but really all jokes aside these two are an awesome fit and I was stoked to know they wanted to book me to do their engagement and wedding which is actually less than a month away and should be my next entry on the site.

A few months ago Jessica, Travis and myself went out scouting locations. Ive been wanting to use the South Calhoun Street area of Fort Wayne. My main reason for doing so is because that area was once like an epicenter of Fort Wayne according to historical photographs and books in the last 1800s up through the mid 1950s and on. Most everything has moved in its various locations but I feel its a hidden gem in some regards. The architecture has a lot of soul shall we say, and one stroll down that way will prove that. Recently in the last 5-6 years some people have really revamped what that part of the city was with popular businesses like Neat Neat Neat record store and Calhoun Street Soups, Salads, and Spirits, not to mention some businesses that have been there since before I was born. I couldn't be more happy with this session and I look forward to the next chapter with Jessica and Travis. Thank you for looking and enjoy.

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