Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sartain Family // Fort Wayne, IN

Ive known Jason and Audra for a long long time. Jason and I met each other through the hardcore music scene Fort Wayne has in the late 90s which lead to meeting Audra and together they are just rad people. They helped me through so much in my early days as a father and when I bought my first house. We even spent the whole Y2K New Years together just in case we were in the disaster predicted, I knew Id want to spend it with them. They have always been there to lend a helping hand and that's rare in this day and age(or even back 14-15 years ago) and whether they know it or not I will always been grateful for what they've given me and my family. Through out the years we remained friends but alas growing older and growing in to our own families took precedence. We all rekindled at a wedding I shot three or so years ago and it was like nothing changed. It was an awesome feeling.

Audra contacted me asking if Id like to do a family session with them encompassing fall colors and how could I turn that down? In the last 15 years they are parents to three lovely daughters. Mia, Nora and little Layla who just recently had a birthday before this session was taken. We met up at Franke Park here in Fort Wayne and the falls hues set an awesome back drop. The session was quick and I knew in my head the spots that I wanted to use. The girls were super cooperative and really my biggest hassle was Jason and his "I'm not pretty enough for that camera" like comments! Love you Buddy! ;) It was a great session and I hope this is the start of things to come with this family cause they're super rad and fun to work with. I want to thank Jason, Audra and the girls for allowing me to capture them and having fun while doing so. I will end this with a line from one of Jason's favorite bands Hot Water Music that he seems to live today and I truly admire that. "Instead of resting your legs should be standing up. Instead of folding your hands, you should be giving them out, Instead of turning your back you should be showing your face" Thank you for reading and enjoy.

Sartain Family // Fort Wayne, IN Sartain Family // Fort Wayne, IN Sartain Family // Fort Wayne, IN Sartain Family // Fort Wayne, IN Sartain Family // Fort Wayne, IN Sartain Family // Fort Wayne, IN