Friday, July 30, 2010

Christian and Kylie // Fort Wayne, IN

Christian and Kylie are cousins of mine. I was asked to do this session months before we actually got together. This session went really well. We explored down town Fort Wayne and I was able to gain some depth of the city and capture these kids awesomely. I enjoyed this session. thank you and enjoy. Christian & Kylie Christian & Kylie Christian & Kylie Christian & Kylie Christian & Kylie Christian & Kylie

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Matthew Schmoll // Columbia City, IN

Matt is an awesome kid with a passion for music and skateboarding. I was stoked to do this session cause it was something new for me. This wasnt really set up to be a typical "senior session" but in my mind thats how I tried to format it. We played around with some ideas and made the session work for the requested shots from his family and the ideas that him and I bounced off of each other. The threat of rain was in the forecast so I cut some props for laughs. It worked for sure! Such an awesome session. I was never a sports photographer and honestly never wanted to be but it was good fun to break out of the norm a little bit and try my hand at another branch. Thank you and enjoy. Matthew Schmoll Matthew Schmoll Matthew Schmoll Matthew Schmoll Matthew Schmoll

Nick Fabini & Family // Fort Wayne, IN

Nick Fabini is an awesome tattooer at Cardinal Tattoo which he co-owns with his co-works from the shop. Ive known Nick since him and I were in high school art classes together. His art and tattoo skills have been top notch for the demographic in Fort Wayne. Basically the kid is truly gifted in his work. He asked me if I would do a session of him and his family. I of course accepted but I wanted to use his shop for my backdrop. The scenery in this shop had a classic feel which who doesnt love. His young daughters were a joy to photograph and all and all was a great session. The props came out and we had an awesome time. thank you and enjoy. Fabini & Co Fabini & Co Fabini & Co Fabini & Co Fabini & Co Fabini & Co

Friday, July 9, 2010

Enzo Schmidtberg // Fort Wayne, IN

"Enzo" or Vincenzo is his from name is the child of Devon and Laura whom Ive known for many years. They are rad people with good hearts and truly care about the concept of family. Personally Devon's mother was the Babysitter to my daughter Heaven for many many years. Laura came to me about a session for Enzo's 10 month, she found it odd that she waited that long but for me I was all about it. All the while Devon was off servicing in Iraq. I knew with that these photos will being so much happiness to Devon so I made sure I made these photos shine. The session was pretty awesome. Enzo decided he wanted to take a nap in the middle but that was fine with me. Here is the session. enjoy Enzo S. Enzo S. Enzo S. Enzo S aka Burt Reynolds Enzo S.