Tuesday, October 19, 2021

K+A // Fort Wayne, IN

It can be a strange concept that your own child is getting married. Looking back on this site my child known then as "Heaven" had her senior session with me back in 2017. Fast forward to present day, Heaven found herself in the midst of a transition to a non-binary life and has been identifying as a male and male gender pronouns as Kevin(he/him). It has been nothing but support from both sets of parents and family alike. Kevin found happiness in his new life but also in Alexis. Alexis moved here to Indiana from Colorado to start a new journey with Kevin. They moved into their first apartment in this time and navigated their way into "adult life" and making their own way the best they know how.

I was asked if I would photograph their formals and I was happy to do so. I wanted to give them some lasting memories for their day but moreover knowing it can be a whirlwind of a day. The weather was great, the atmosphere was loving from all involved. I'm very happy for them, finding that person who completes you and really makes you happy. Their smiles show that and its easy for them to do and it's a beautiful thing. Their love for one another is special. Cherish that. At the end of the day, Love is love! Thank you Kevin and Alexis! I wish you all the best!

K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN

Old Scratch // Fort Wayne, IN

Automotive photography...motorcycle photography...whatever, I dabble. As a person who enjoys traditional hotrods...that's a lie. I'm neck deep into the whole thing! I've had a few features in magazines like Ol' Skool Rodz and Kustom Car Deluxe with lofty goals of shooting for Hop Up Magazine but as we know most print media is dying out and getting features are harder than it used to be. My good friend Erik completed his first build for a friend and asked if I'd like to shoot it? Sure would! He honestly did an amazing job on this build for being his first but it was with passion and purpose. He may not believe it but I'm proud of him and I thank him for thinking of me to shoot this bike but for being a solid dude! Thank you Erik!

Old Scratch // Fort Wayne, IN Old Scratch // Fort Wayne, IN Old Scratch // Fort Wayne, IN Old Scratch // Fort Wayne, IN Old Scratch // Fort Wayne, IN Old Scratch // Fort Wayne, IN My '32 Roadster makes an appearence...

Old Scratch // Fort Wayne, IN

Elizabeth + Wrangler // Rome City, IN

Elizabeth and Wrangler, My first session since December of 2019. Opening my books up again was something I felt good about but nervous at the same time. Being this was a senior shoot and not one for following trends, I wanted to be sure I had some assurance that I in fact knew what I was doing. Portraits are just that and although I'm still actively shooting digital and film it was going to be good. The caveat was it was a senior session and there was a horse involved. We'll let's get to it!

I pull up to a location in Kendallville, I see a horse and my client in the front yard. I'd never shot with an animal of this stature but honestly everything went smooth. Elizabeth or Liz was super easy to work with. Wrangler, the horse was well behaved. The connection between these two was special. It was a real bond and I hope that the images captured that. This is planned to be the first session of two for her senior sessions. I'm excited for the second as I am clicking through these images. Thank you Liz! It was rad to get to know you and Wrangler.

Liz + Wrangler // Rome City, IN Liz + Wrangler // Rome City, IN Liz + Wrangler // Rome City, IN Liz + Wrangler // Rome City, IN Liz + Wrangler // Rome City, IN Liz + Wrangler // Rome City, IN Liz + Wrangler // Rome City, IN Liz + Wrangler // Rome City, IN

Concrete Destined to be Dust - My First Book

Concrete Destined to be Dust. This is my first book. A title borrowed from the lyrics of an Ether Coven song. I received word that the trailer park I grew up in from 1989-1998 was being demolished and the residents were being forced to move for the development of the property. The area around it in the last 20 years has grown tremendously so this would be a product of commercialization if you will. As I've mentioned in my previous post that my past is something I've kept dark. I don't talk about growing up in a trailer park. We cannot chose what family we're born into but we make the most of it.

My brother and I took one last bike ride through these streets I have not seen in many years. Once we met up he asked if I wanted to see our old trailer in which replied to him "very much so" going into this I had no idea I was going to do a book, it was more just to document. We roll up to an abandoned trailer and the memories flooded in. I moved into this place in 1984 when my parents bough it new. I shot around it and we were confronted by a neighboring maintenance man. He informed us that it was too far gone and would be "hauled off to the dump" in the next few weeks. This pretty much cemented the importance of my work. This trailer is the cover and the first 4 pages. We moved on to Oak Creek / DuPont Estates. I shot so many frames. Every images has a memory or a story behind it with the buildup of buildings and industry growing around it. It was important work. Not as cathartic as I thought it would be but surprisingly emotional

Once it was completed and I took a while to edit the images and I knew it was time to do a book. Be vulnerable. The DIY Punk kid in me did a limited run of 50. To date, I've sold more than half. I'm happy to put this work out there. It's a piece of me regardless if others feel that or not. If you'd like a copy, provided I still have them, please email me: JJacobsphotog@gmail.com and for $12.00 I'd be stoked to send you one. Thank you for reading.

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Where have I been? What's New?

Greetings. So, where have I been? my last post to this blog was late 2019. I basically took a break from client work. I have been working full time for an ad agency and honestly, doing client work was a bit too much. I enjoy my free time but then again my free time was being consumed by building a hot rod, building a new house with my wife Jenna and enjoying just whatever came our way. Then pandemic hit. For most of us, it meant a new way of life. Working from home, being safe. Wearing a mask, adjusting to a new way of doing things. For some of us, losing family members, losing sanity, losing some of the simple things such as face to face interactions down to shaking hands. It really put things into perspective but also put some things on the back burner. Although I had more time at home I neglected personal growth, Stunted if you will but we got through.

2021 brought it own set of challenges. I never stopped shooting personal work. In fact, I love it. It was that little outlet I felt I needed. I rekindled with film photography. Something I haven't touched since the early 2000's. It's been a weird experience. I can't say that I love it but it makes me slow down a bit. I told myself all of my 2021 personal work would be film. I picked up a new hotrod project while the Model A coupe was being built so that also took up some time. We were safe, we were healthy. Always moving in some direction

June of 2021, my position at the agency was being relocated. I was faced with a decision and I decided to figure out my life and what is the best fit for me. I've taken on some small time social media management for my brothers auto detail business. I decided to shoot more. To make myself more available and with that I completed my first book. A long time project I put off for what felt like years. I was never one to talk about my past in a positive way but I felt it was time for me to open that up through my work. To be vulnerable, to show that side I've kept dark. See the next post for more info

What will 2022 bring? I'm not too sure but I plan...I use that loosely, but I am taking on client work. I'm working on myself, working on more projects, scouting more locations to shoot. Life doesn't have to be as difficult as we make it at times. I wish you the best, I appreciate you reading and there is a slew of posts coming. Thank you