Sunday, December 17, 2017

Tony Lombardi - Ross Race Engines // Niles, OH

I wouldn't say Ive been into hot rods my whole life but as a little kid I was avid in tractor pulls and monster trucks. I mean it was the 80s! I grew up in a small farm town and did I mention it was the 80s? I grew up with a love for cars and wanting to go fast but it was, like most things I picked up on my own, through trial and error and by doing. Coming up through the world of autocross and road course racing in my 20s to traditional hot rods and that culture in the mid 2000s. I purchased a 1930 Ford Model A coupe in December of 2015 from a friend with a history here in Fort Wayne. A previously modified coupe that used to pound the streets in the late 50s. It was a major purchase but I knew it was something I wanted to get into. I have been hoarding parts slowly and doing things as I can but its a true passion and one of the few things that keeps me up at night as I mentally build the coupe over and over in my head.

When time came to pick a person to build the motor I knew the choice for was Tony and Ross Race Engines. After a few phone calls and a plan to take my Chevy 327 with a Man-a-Fre intake and four 2brl carbs in September I hit the road east bound at 5am. The trip was easy and I was looking forward to meeting Tony and seeing his Hilton Hot rods built coupe. I don't take that lightly. His car has been my number 1 inspiration from the beginning so being up close and personal to his car, his shop and the beautiful work he does was next level. Tony is a very hospitable guy(once you get to know him) he is no nonsense, he can be brash but he put passion into what he does and it shows. We went over my build plan for the motor and talked about his car and that car. It really was a great trip and a good guy to know. Before I left I snapped a few images of his coupe with my Fuji X100 and I hit the road. I'm looking forward to getting back to his shop in the near future!

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