Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Concrete Destined to be Dust - My First Book

Concrete Destined to be Dust. This is my first book. A title borrowed from the lyrics of an Ether Coven song. I received word that the trailer park I grew up in from 1989-1998 was being demolished and the residents were being forced to move for the development of the property. The area around it in the last 20 years has grown tremendously so this would be a product of commercialization if you will. As I've mentioned in my previous post that my past is something I've kept dark. I don't talk about growing up in a trailer park. We cannot chose what family we're born into but we make the most of it.

My brother and I took one last bike ride through these streets I have not seen in many years. Once we met up he asked if I wanted to see our old trailer in which replied to him "very much so" going into this I had no idea I was going to do a book, it was more just to document. We roll up to an abandoned trailer and the memories flooded in. I moved into this place in 1984 when my parents bough it new. I shot around it and we were confronted by a neighboring maintenance man. He informed us that it was too far gone and would be "hauled off to the dump" in the next few weeks. This pretty much cemented the importance of my work. This trailer is the cover and the first 4 pages. We moved on to Oak Creek / DuPont Estates. I shot so many frames. Every images has a memory or a story behind it with the buildup of buildings and industry growing around it. It was important work. Not as cathartic as I thought it would be but surprisingly emotional

Once it was completed and I took a while to edit the images and I knew it was time to do a book. Be vulnerable. The DIY Punk kid in me did a limited run of 50. To date, I've sold more than half. I'm happy to put this work out there. It's a piece of me regardless if others feel that or not. If you'd like a copy, provided I still have them, please email me: JJacobsphotog@gmail.com and for $12.00 I'd be stoked to send you one. Thank you for reading.

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