Tuesday, October 19, 2021

K+A // Fort Wayne, IN

It can be a strange concept that your own child is getting married. Looking back on this site my child known then as "Heaven" had her senior session with me back in 2017. Fast forward to present day, Heaven found herself in the midst of a transition to a non-binary life and has been identifying as a male and male gender pronouns as Kevin(he/him). It has been nothing but support from both sets of parents and family alike. Kevin found happiness in his new life but also in Alexis. Alexis moved here to Indiana from Colorado to start a new journey with Kevin. They moved into their first apartment in this time and navigated their way into "adult life" and making their own way the best they know how.

I was asked if I would photograph their formals and I was happy to do so. I wanted to give them some lasting memories for their day but moreover knowing it can be a whirlwind of a day. The weather was great, the atmosphere was loving from all involved. I'm very happy for them, finding that person who completes you and really makes you happy. Their smiles show that and its easy for them to do and it's a beautiful thing. Their love for one another is special. Cherish that. At the end of the day, Love is love! Thank you Kevin and Alexis! I wish you all the best!

K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN K+A // Fort Wayne, IN